JFGO Statement, Resources on Iran Deal


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The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando recognizes the strenuous diplomatic efforts by the United States and its fellow members of the P5+1 to address the challenge of a nuclear-armed Iran. We reiterate our support of a diplomatic process to find a peaceful resolution to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.


Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. We remain deeply concerned about the threats posed by a nuclear-armed Iran to Israel, the United States and the global community, particularly in light of Iran's admitted track record of violating U.N. resolutions on its nuclear development program and thwarting international inspections.


The agreement at hand appears to give Iran the ability to be a nuclear threshold state at the end of the agreement’s term. It leaves in place an enrichment capability and other critical components of Iran's nuclear industrial infrastructure; provides no authorization for "anytime, anywhere" inspections across the nuclear materials development cycle; and includes no provisions addressing Iran's ballistic missile program.

Congress has  60 days to approve this agreement. We urge Congress to fulfill its duty and look critically at all aspects and potential consequences of this deal before approving it. Congress must require the administration to justify the agreement in detail.


Rhonda Forest,
Chair of the Board


Olga Yorish,
Executive Director

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