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There is a place within the Federation for women of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles. The Women's Division offers activities for women who wish to express their own, very personal commitment to the local Jewish community, Israel, and Jews around the world. We host numerous outreach, educational and fundraising events throughout the year that teach, entertain and inspire.


The Importance of Women's Giving

Women's giving demonstrates dedication to, acceptance of, and responsibility for the needs of the global Jewish community.  There are certain truths about Women's Giving that are important to consider when making your donation to the Federation.

• Money is Influence. The more women give in their own name, the greater their credibility and power as leaders and as policy makers.
• Women's giving is fiscal evidence of the influence women exert as full partners and decision-makers in the family, in the community, and in building a nation.
• Women CAN and do impact Jewish political power.  Leaders within the United States government use the number of givers to Jewish causes as a measure of citizen support for Jewish issues regarding Israel and our local communities.
• Women have an obligation to practice tzedakah in their own right.

The Federation treasures all gifts made by Women and especially honors gifts at the following levels:

Lion of Judah

Honors all women who make an annual gift of $5,000 or more in her own name. Members of this international society wear a Lion of Judah pin, which is a symbol of sisterhood, shared values, connectedness, leadership, and power.


Honors all women who make a personal gift of $1,000 or more. Morasha society members express their very personal commitment to the local Jewish community, Israel, and Jews around the world.

Upcoming Community Events