Fed Friday

Fed Friday is a weekly communication from JFGO that highlights Federation news and events. Questions or comments? Email us at Federation@jfgo.org.

$52K in new Federation grants

Back in February, JFGO's Board of Directors decided to set aside approximately $50,000 for community collaborative grants to be awarded this year. The board felt strongly that it was important to build on the success of the previous two rounds of grants. As previously, the goal was twofold: …

Hello from Israel!

What do Israel's branch of Intel Corp. (by the way, the second-largest branch outside of the U.S.), the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), and a small non-profit organization called "Sky is the Limit" have to do with one another? I learned the answer to that question yesterday.

As you ma…

Celebrating success, thanks to you!

Summer officially arrived this week! It's a season synonymous with family vacations, daytime outings with the kids and the occasional lazy day by the pool.

For the Jewish Federation, the arrival of summer signals the winding down of the Annual Campaign that began the previous fall. It can…

Sharing the love and giving thanks

As I wrote last week, June is a very busy month at Federation as we make the final push to wrap up our Annual Campaign. 

This year, we are doing even more. Yes, we are still making that final campaign push, but we also want to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to the Jewish agenc…

A busy and rewarding week

What a whirlwind week it was!

June is usually the busiest and most hectic month of the year at Federation: We push hard to finish the current Annual Campaign while putting plans in place for next year, and there are a lot of Federation community events on the calendar.

On Sunday, the M…