About the Maimonides Medical Society

A division of the Jewish Federation of Orlando composed of Jewish healthcare providers and students planning to enter a healthcare occupation, the Maimonides Medical Society encourages and strengthens community among society members, provides programming and public service opportunities for tikkun olam (repair of the world), and raises money for the local and overseas Jewish communities through the Federation's annual campaigns.


Benefits of Membership

• A framework to join and build community among Orlando’s Jewish healthcare providers.
• Opportunities to change lives through your generosity.
• Pride in supporting the local and global Jewish community.
Networking and connecting with other Jewish healthcare professionals.
Recognition in the Greater Orlando community.


Throughout the year, Maimonides Medical Society members are invited to exclusive Federation-sponsored events and discussions featuring local and national experts in a variety of healthcare disciplines and subject areas. As with our other giving societies, Federation recognizes the generosity of Maimonides Society members by publishing their names in our annual "Honor Roll."



About Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon

Perhaps the most famous Jewish physician of all time, Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, also known as either Maimonides or Rambam, was born in Spain in 1135 and died in Egypt in 1204. Maimonides came from a long line of Jewish scholars and by the age of 33 was a renowned Jewish scholar in his own right. Maimonides’ medical works included commentaries on the work of Hippocrates and Galen, and treatises on asthma, impotence, poisons, and hemorrhoids. He also wrote an early version of the Physician’s Desk Reference. As a scholar, Maimonides was the leading Talmudist of his time.


Since Maimonides, many subsequent scholars have analyzed every word and even letter in his volumes. They discuss at length why Maimonides chose to include certain laws, wrote one law before another, and why he chose to include laws in one volume but not the other. Some have speculated that the body of commentary on Maimonides' volumes could reach the same quantity as Talmudic commentary.


Today, many hospitals and schools across the globe are named after Maimonides; and to this day, students worldwide pore over his scholarly works.


Event Calendar



A gift to the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando's Annual Campaign is required:

Maimonides Level: minimum of $1,000

Retired healthcare professionals: $500

Healthcare professionals in first 3 years of practice and mid-level providers (ARNP, PAs, etc.): minimum of $365

Registered Nurse: $100

Residents, interns, fellows and students: minimum of $36