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RAISE provides paid, supported employment at partnering agencies and transition to employment in our community

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RAISE Awareness to Hire

If you are a business and would like information about hiring an adult with special needs


Mission Statement

To offer a work and social skills training program that builds confidence and supports adults with special needs and their families in alliance with the Vocational Rehabilitation job search process.


By providing a 6- to 12-month part-time, paid work experience through partnering agencies of the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando, RAISE offers each participant the self-worth that comes from earning a paycheck, the satisfaction of being a participating member of society, an accepting work environment, the self-respect that comes with productivity, the dignity of having a job, a feeling of contribution, and the social benefit of interfacing with our community in a safe and compassionate setting. During this time, job skills are modeled, shaped and refined. RAISE builds self-esteem, fosters independence at home and in the workplace, educates and inspires participants and their families to set new goals, supports and encourages social growth, and creates awareness of services and opportunities available in the community. 



Who We Are

The RAISE mission is guided by traditional Jewish values of Repairing the World and Acts of Loving Kindness, by promoting inclusion and taking into account the overall well-being of adults with special needs.


For every person with a disability who has a job, there are four more who would like to go to work. RAISE helps prepare our employees for employment in the community.



RAISE leadership team



Loren London - RAISE Founder and Director


Loren has a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and more than 20 years' experience working in critical care and as a Legal Consultant in the field of medical malpractice in NYC and Orlando. As an event planner in the Central Florida community and nationwide, Loren has organized more than 200 events and brings her leadership and management skills to RAISE.


Rachel Slavkin, M.Ed. - Director of Employment Services and Education; Social Bridges®


Rachel holds both Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Special Education, and a Supervisor of Special Education Certification.


Carol Miller, LCSW - Director of Social Bridges®


Carol is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is the Director of Social Bridges®. She holds a Master's degree in Social Work and a Bachelor's degree in Education/Drama Therapy


Ken Schneider, Ed.D. - Program Advisor


Ken has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master's degree in Learning Disabilities and a Doctorate in Education, specializing in Special Education with state certifications in Specific Learning Disabilities and Administration and Supervision. He is the former Director of Exceptional Student Education in Orange County, 1991-2011.


Sandra Grider, M.Ed.- Support Job Coach


Sandra is a former Special Education teacher and Program Coordinator at UCF and in Orange County Public Schools. She holds a Master's degree in Special Education and a Bachelor's degree in K-12 Library Media Science. She has a certificate in Special Education Mediation from the Justice Center of Atlanta.


Amy Weston, LMHC - Transition Specialist


Amy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She holds a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She has extensive experience working with individuals dealing with mental health issues. She currently writes social skills and employability training curriculum targeting adults and teens with Down Syndrome.


Bill Yahner, M.Ed. – Job Coach

Bill has Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in special education from Cleveland State University. He spent 36 years teaching in Cleveland Heights-University Heights and Seminole County Public Schools prior to his retirement in 2016. His teaching career was spent working with special-needs children in elementary and middle schools.

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RAISE Awareness to Hire

Adding purpose to our mission, RAISE Awareness to Hire is a division of RAISE that works with local businesses to create new jobs and provide a simple and seamless transition for adults with disabilities from the nurturing environment of RAISE into the competitive marketplace.


According to Maimonides Eight Levels of Charity, the greatest level, above which there is not greater, is to support a fellow man and find him employment in order to strengthen his hand.

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